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SEO Information

Search Engine Optomization

So lets get to the meat of it!

You’re on the internet, so people should be seeing your services, right?! Where are those clicks, you must be thinking to yourself.

Here, sir. Here is where they lie. In Optomizing Search Engines like Google, and Yahoo, to WANT to list your site, higher and higher, until you have climbed the ranks!

Your Web Presence is Key!

Imagine, your website is the brain, and that the internet is the body, and Search Engines are your heart. Your brain holds all of the information it needs, to tell your heart and body to pump blood and manuever your limbs.

Now imagine, like many people, you have a goal project in mind, and begin mapping out how to complete it immediately. Have you forgotten Information? Did it maybe get congested, with lots of blurring images or ideas? Did your heart get anxious or did you hold your breath while you thought it out? That is the first problem among many websites is that their content, their structure, and their flow, are congested and is having trouble sending to the heart, or search engines, the information it needs to run.

That is nothing on you! humans are complicated beings and articulating a conglomerate of ideas so quickly is abstract enough for us, as humans, but can you imagine what it is like for a computer?!

Imagine the computer is doing these things when a search engine gets a search hit. It beats and sends the message to the brain that it needs to continue beating. Only when the heart sends this message out, the website jumbles the information, trying to send the signals needed, but just cant reach all the way there! Being humans, we do this autonomously, of course! But a machine has to be told how to do these things. Much like your brain programs your body, Proper SEO techniques program your website’s body to function autonomously.

How do you do that?!

Our team saw the inception of the google search engine, and have had over 20 years of growing along side it, Seeing the themes and techniques its implemented and removed. We know google like a sibling; all of its weaknesses and exploits. Google wants to see your videos, your photos, proper content, linked accounts with social media or online platforms, along with hundreds of other services, and it wants to see this information and content in particular ways.

Just like the veins that carry blood around the body, your website must be precisely tailored for your content! Google is a smart one, it can see through flawed attempts to rank, or people who are actively applying every single service, and intentionally list you lower.

Allow us to put our practices to the test, or contact us about consulting for your own business today!