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Search Engine Optimization

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a very esoteric term, and in the wrong hands, it can be detriment to your business! Its a very delicate acronym and should be treated with care and respect. Many people are misinformed about SEO, or have a predisposition to an understanding due to various emails or other forms of contact. But the truth is, SEO is too important to ignore and to misunderstand.

    SEO is all about increasing your Web Presence and its not a one and done thing. It starts as your website URL and transcends into the entirety of your online being, encompassing everything from actively forming link-back partnerships, to social media content like instagram. It is no single service operating alone, it is literally hundreds, in some cases thousands of techniques and operations, acting together like a giant hive-mind for google processing.

    Unfortunately, with as with most new popular technologies, it is quite common for someone to come in and confuse with a broad term like SEO, sign a contract for minimal fees and for an exorbitant amount of time. It is likely, as in our experience working with local clients, that you will often never hear from them again after their first implementation. It is unfortunate, that often these services implement the minimal work required and fly under the radar of business owners and advertisers, collecting that monthly fee. These people make people who truly treat SEO as an art form look like run of the mill developers.

    For this reason, we like to call our services Proactive Search Engine Optimization. To be constantly updating, editing, discovering and producing is the only way to be successful online, against competitors who are diving to these depths with their own SEO. Everyone wants to be first, don’t you? Then you need to higher the skills appropriate for the job, and we have them!

     I do not want to misinform you! Often they will do work the first time, and technically it is SEO. But why? And what makes it different from what we do?

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